Gerben Pasjes - Portfolio
The Roman Empire 1400 AD

1 Some idea sketching and thumbnails to get the ball rolling.
2 I built the model in Sketchup and Modo and tried a bunch of different camera angles.
3 In Photoshop I tweaked the composition a bit more and focussed on telling the story.

The Second Coming - launchpad design

1 After some idea sketching, I researched various launch platforms. I wanted to use these metal structures for a nice silhouette.
2 Next, I got into Photoshop and explorated a few different ideas. The focus is on storytelling.
3 After this, I went into SketchUp and Modo, rendered it out and started painting.

The Second Coming - deserted home design

1 For this painting I started out with research. During the research the ideas started coming.
2 I wanted to get a shot that feels like a deserted place. That was the focus of my thumbnails.
3 Next, I used Sketchup and Modo again to set up a scene, light and render it, and started painting.

Illustration - traveling knight

1 After reading a cool Game of Thrones chapter, an idea for an illustration came up. I did a lot of thumbnails in sketchbooks here and there.
2 After I settled on a few cool ones, I went into Photoshop and tried work out some thumbnails using Mathias Zamecki's approach.
3 During the painting, I wanted to a study of sorts of Dorje Bellbrook's lovely clouds.

Freelance illustration
Spaceship interior design
Team6 - Goji farm splash screen

1 I started out with sketching some barn designs, searching for an appealing shape.
2 For this splash screen we needed a parallax effect. I painted the entire image in 4 seperate layers for this purpose.
3 I left space open in the center for a logo, which I also designed.

Illustration - Valkyrie
Illustration - MTG-esque landscape
Team6 - Environment and prop designs
Color sketches
Value sketches
Moonbase design
Labroom interior design

1 For this design, I started with a solid line drawing in Photoshop as a basis.
2 Next, I used flat drawn patterns and warped them into place.
3 The last bit was painting in the values.