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About me
I am a student and concept designer living in the Amsterdam Area in The Netherlands. I am currently graduating at Keoken Interactive, working on Deliver Us The Moon.

Born and raised in The Netherlands, I was always curious about the world around me. Having drawn all my life, it was a year before I attended Saxion University of Applied Sciences that I started taking drawing and designing more serious. My half year internship at Team6 Games got me hired as a concept artist there. After another year of working at Team6 I moved to Keoken. Besides working I love reading books for all the interesting worlds and designs they offer.

During my studies I always try to push my art to the next level by using new tools and different methods.

My CV can be found here.
I have experience working on 7th and 8th generation console games, PC games, mobile games and web games, including 4 shipped titles.
I am familiar with most mainstream 2D and 3D art tools.

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