Gerben Pasjes - Portfolio

Blown Away was developed in 16 weeks (double the usual amount) for an external client; Technical museum 'De Heim'. It had to be reasonably lightweight due to the slow platform it was built for, crash-proof because it had to run for several hours everyday, and designed for kids of all ages.


Our goal was to interest kids in a source of renewable energy, wind in this case. Multi-touch driven gameplay, with score-based minigames to keep players interested and competitive. This project we had one extra week to work on the concept, so I also had time to make colour keys, storyboards and mockups beside the usual concept art, moodboards and stylesheets. The artstyle we settled for was colourful and heavy on contrast, with a weather condition tied into the gameplay to really sell the mood.

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Content creation
Once again we had to use Unity as our development platform. This time we split the team up in duo's (one programmer with one artist), and each duo would design and produce at least one or two minigames. Just as in Piiri I did the entire workflow from designing an asset, to modeling, to texturing, to placing it in a scene and lighting it, for multiple assets in different scenes. With my expanding knowledge on concept art I was also able to pick the right colours for scenery that could fit every scene in every condition, so I also spent some time creating general assets. It was fun to create a lot of different assets, from realistic breaking ice blocks to cardboard lookalike models and paper maps, mountains far off in the distance to UI assets close to the screen.


Blown Away was really well received by the kids at the museum. Even though we had hoped to build our own game, this turned out to be much more fun and rewarding than expected. What I loved about this project is how four different artists who created their own games still have so much coherency.