Gerben Pasjes - Portfolio

Piiri is our first 3D game. Two extra dimensions bring their difficulties, especially in terms of level design and where to put or leave texture resolution. By now I had practised enough in Photoshop to do concept art digitally. We still made a ton of paper sketches, but most of the environment art was done digital.


We wanted to create a sci-fi experience with an alien touch, but we later removed the alien side from the concept. An audio-based first person puzzler is what we set out to make. Most of the research was done to find interesting shapes.

Content creation
I made the gun model and its animations in Maya. Textures, normal- and specular maps were done in Photoshop, using a few plugins. I found the pipeline of designing an asset, building it in 3D, texturing it and bringing it in-game (Unity) extremely interesting, because you're making yourself quite a valuable asset in the production process. I also worked on a few environmental textures and the power turbine.


Piiri was a lot of fun to work on, and our talented programmers even managed to build Oculus Rift support for it in the final week. Even though we had to scope the project down by a lot, I think we still managed to create an interesting experience (albeit a short one). It was the first project where I felt my concept art got more professional, both in quality and design language.